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Door Card Systems Lock Out Security Threats and Save
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You want to give daytime and after-hours access to your employees while restricting entry to visitors, but the traditional key and lock system is expensive, untraceable and easily bypassed. Door card systems are innovative solutions that allow you to track and limit door entry, creating a safe environment for your employees.

Regular lock and key systems cannot be restricted by time or dates and are oftentimes copied or transferred to an unauthorized person—leaving your assets vulnerable to danger, liability, and theft. And changing locks and re-making lost or stolen keys carries a hefty price tag.

It’s time to leave these access control worries in the past.

Signature Systems installs and maintains door card systems that allow you to track entry and exit, restrict access by time or date, sound an alarm if the door is left open or forced open, and each credential can be deactivated easily.

There are two types of door entry card systems:
  1. Single factor systems
  2. Multi-factor systems

A single factor system requires that a person must present a single credential, a door card access badge that tracks the person’s information and entry, in order to gain access. For greater security, a multi-factor system can be used to authenticate the user of the access badge. The second credential could be a password, PIN, smart card system or fingerprint access control system.

Signature Systems takes the guess work out of planning your door entry security system to ensure your employees and business assets are protected.

There are numerous options, so which of these systems fits your security goals? Let Signature Systems assess your goals and property. We will find the best, most secure solution, install the equipment and maintain it to be sure that your investment is reliable and running efficiently.

Don’t leave your business vulnerable any longer. Contact Signature Systems of Florida now for a free door entry quote.

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