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Proximity Cards Secure Your Property and Employees’ Safety

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Grant access to your staff without leaving the door open for intruders. Install a proximity card system to control access to secured areas, offices and buildings to ease your employees’ fears and eliminate the risk that unwanted visitors gain access to your office.

Protect yourself from every threat—internal and external.

Safeguarding your property against unwanted visitors and thieves will save you thousands in damages and decrease your liability. Proximity card systems allow you to monitor and track who and when someone enters or exits in any security situation, so you can review who may have been involved.

Proximity card systems can do much more than protect your front door. They control access to these other assets as well.
  • Company computers
  • Secure office networks
  • Parking garages
  • Offices and labs with limited access
  • Bonus function: log employee hours for time cards

Proximity cards are simple to use but highly effective in preventing theft and saving you money on security.

Proximity cards, also referred to as access badges and keycards, use resonant energy transfer to gain access to a locked area, door or building. By simply holding the card a few inches from the reader, access can be granted or denied.

A single lost key forces you to change every lock, costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Proximity cards are user-friendly, and the reader can be easily re-coded when a card is lost or stolen. Creating this safe work environment will promote productivity and decrease your liability.

Signature Systems of Florida makes your door entry solution simple, economical and effective.

Here are just a few of the benefits that come from using a proximity card system as your door entry solution.

  • The system is simple and easy to use.
  • It’s usually less expensive than more advanced cards systems.
  • The card fits inside a wallet or purse.
  • The card lasts longer because it has no physical contact with the reader, therefore no wear and tear.
  • The card is difficult to duplicate.

Signature Systems of Florida has more than 20 years of experience serving Florida and specialize in designing, installing and maintaining proximity card door entry systems. Don’t leave your property and employees open to danger or theft. Secure your vital assets before it is too late.

Contact us today to see how your company can benefit from a proximity card system and for a free quote.

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