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Avoid Hefty Fines—A Fire Extinguisher is a Safety Necessity

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Not only are extinguishers required by law, but they are your first defense against fire.

Fires are unpredictable, strike quickly and have a devastating impact. Fire extinguishers are your first line of defense when a fire starts on your property, containing a small fire from becoming a blaze and limiting the amount of damage.

For these reasons, fire codes demand that fire extinguishers are inspected and properly maintained. If your fire extinguishers are a part of an on-going Life/Safety system check and inspection, you’re at risk for expensive code violations and far more importantly, taking a huge risk with your employees’ safety.

Signature Systems of Florida performs more fire inspections than anyone in Florida.

How confident are you in the results of your last inspection? Many customers call us because their prior inspection wasn’t completed properly. You need to know that you have the correct type of fire extinguisher and that it will work in an emergency.

Hundreds of Florida businesses trust Signature Services of Florida to maintain and inspect their fire extinguishers and their entire Life/Safety system. And the quality of our service is unmatched by any company in the area.

Here are five reasons why Signatures Systems is Florida’s most trusted and largest independent fire alarm systems contractor:
  1. We ensure you get the highest quality products available so your equipment will last.
  2. You always receive the best customer service—all of our certified technicians are Signature Systems professionals. We never use freelance contractors.
  3. No one can beat our professionalism: technicians in uniform with photo IDs arrive in clean company service vehicles.
  4. You won’t have to worry about understanding fire codes ever again. Our experts know Central Florida’s fire codes and regulations inside and out.
  5. Never stress about a maintenance visit. Our technicians carefully maintain and inspect your fire extinguishers without accident or disruption to your office décor.

Whether you employ fire extinguishers with foam, water or chemical fire-suppressing agents, Signature Systems knows and complies with government regulations. Our excellent customer service paired with our fire alarm installation and repair expertise saves you money and decreases your liability.

You won’t worry about failing an inspection anymore. See specifically how we can help you meet your safety goals. Request a fire safety quote today.

“I cannot express in words how the professionalism and quality of the work is appreciated.” --Andrea Martinez Unicorp National Developments, Inc. » View All Testimonials