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Protect your business from theft and unwanted intruders
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Burglars take more than your money and expensive equipment, they take your security and peace of mind. Regain the ability to run your business with confidence by installing a burglar alarm to protect your valuable assets.

Ensuring that your business is fully protected will immediately decrease your liability and give you back your peace of mind. Whether you employ single-purpose, advanced or multi-zoned burglar alarms, rest assured that Signature System of Florida’s experts will design and install a custom system using the highest quality products available.

There are hundreds of varieties of burglar alarms on the market, so let us help you pick what is best for your business.

Do you need a simple alarm, or are you looking for an advanced device that alerts authorities and monitors entry and exit data? Do you want to integrate this perimeter security system with a fire alarm system for complete security?

Let Signature Systems help you design and plan what is best for your security goals and budget, and our maintenance teams will service the equipment to save you money on repairs and a carefully and professionally designed and serviced system reduces false alarms that can be aggravating and costly.

Leave your security worries in the past. Find out how to protect your employees and business. Request a free burglar alarm quote from Signature Systems of Florida, today.

“I would like to thank the Signature Systems crew for their dedication to providing prompt service.” --Winsome J. Bennett Valencia Community College » View All Testimonials