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Video Surveillance IP Cameras: Innovation that Takes Security to the Next Level

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The Internet has revolutionized the way you communicate, do business and now even how you protect your property. Video surveillance IP cameras use your network instead of a coaxial cable to send and receive data.

You can monitor the safety of your employees and property by viewing the camera footage from anywhere in the world.

Recent advances in video surveillance IP cameras allow for added high-tech functionality.

These cameras feature built-in computer software that allows you to email alerts, and some high-end models can include special functionality such as motion detection. Also, these high-tech IP security cameras provide quality images by managing the color balance, sharpness of the image and exposure levels.

Here are some of the most popular features of IP cameras:
  • Footage is easy to view on any computer, iPhone or iPad with Internet connection
  • IP software can be updated as technology advances
  • Wireless cameras save money on running cables
  • Alerts can be sent to your cell phone or email
  • Integrates with your existing alarm and fire systems
  • Works with your existing analog cameras
  • Better video resolution

Do you need access to your camera footage on the go? Are video surveillance IP cameras suited for your business’ security goals? Signature Systems have the expertise to evaluate your web server and security needs to find the best fit for your company, providing you maximum protection from theft, vandalism or danger.

Don’t wait to discover how Signature Systems of Florida can give you peace of mind using the industry’s latest technology. Contact us now for a free video surveillance installation and repair quote.

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